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Conditions of Use

1. Application of Condtions

All sales, products and services of Handarbeiten Pusteblume are based on the following trading conditions. Handarbeiten Pusteblume do not recognize conditions of its customers which conflict with Handarbeiten Pusteblume´s conditions. This is also the case when Handarbeiten Pusteblume provides products or services without having contradicted expressly the conditions of the customers beforehand. The general trading conditions of Seven Continents are accepted by the customer by placing the order or receiving the goods. They also apply for all future business relations, they do not need to be expressively renewed.

2. Sales contract

By mailing the purchase order form / placing an order a sales contract between the company Handarbeiten Pusteblume and the buyer comes into effect.

3. Prices and Payment

Inside the European Community the listed prices include the value added tax of the Federal Republic of Germany that was valid on the day of product shipment. Invoices are issued and provided together with goods shipment. Handarbeiten Pusteblume reserves the right to make partial deliveries, if this results in an overall faster delivery service. Payment methods are moneyorder or paypal. Prices are brutto, the buyer takes over remittance-dues.

5. Dispatch and risk of shipping damage

Risk of shipping damage is with the customer, once the ordered and properly packed item has left Handarbeiten Pusteblume premises and is handed over to the forwarding company.

6. Quality guarentee and warranty

If the shipped item shows a defect, the buyer can request Handarbeiten Pusteblume to resolve the defect (repair or replacement of the item). If the defect cannot be resolved and the defect is major, the buyer can withdraw from the buying contract, reduce the purchase price or claim payment of damages. Other claims cannot be made. In particular Handarbeiten Pusteblume is not responsible for damages which did not develop at the delivery article itself; especially Handarbeiten Pusteblume is not responsible for missed profit or for other financial damages of the buyer. If Handarbeiten Pusteblume does not fulfill its contract duties, damages to be settled by Handarbeiten Pusteblume are restricted to the amount of the damage that occurred. The limitation period is 24 months starting from the day when the shipment arrived at the buyer.

7. Withdrawal from purchase contract

Within a 14-day period after purchase, goods purchased from Handarbeiten Pusteblume can be returned and payment is returned to the customer (except stick collecting mains).

8. Protection of data privacy

Handarbeiten Pusteblume process your personal data based on legal data protection acts in order to fulfil the sales contract. The data received from you (address, name, E-Mail address; are raised, processed and used, so far as necessarily for the reason, arrangement or change of the sales contract.

9. Court of jurisdictation

Purchases are based on German law under exclusion of the European Union purchase right.